How a presale ethereum wallet containing 1000 ETH was recovered…

A few months ago an Ethereum enthusiast contacted us with a pretty unique story.

He was a part of the Ethereum presale in 2014 and amassed an amazing 1000ETH, today worth about 4 million USD for a mere 300USD.

An… is a self custodian dogechain wallet that uses same parameters like used back in 2015. (although they are more responsive than )

It has the wallet ID, it has the 2FA security and it has your encrypted wallet and keys stored on a server in the cloud.

June 11th. 2021.

A retired truck driver from US sends a long email explaining his long lost pin to a big Dogecoin stash. He purchased the coins back in 2015 for about 1500 USD. They were now worth over 3 million USD, a staggering 2000x value increase.

His long email…

WOW such warrior!

You did get some DOGE ages ago, stashed them into a wallet and forgot password…

Then came 2021. Elon, Snoop, Kiss and literally everyone including Joe Biden shilled the DOGE.

Suddenly you have a small fortune in your 1 million DOGE wallet, what can you do to get it back?

A crypto currency Nightmare happened in the last few months of 2020. A hacker or a group of hackers managed to breach Ledgers customer database leaking personal information to almost 300.000 of their customers.

Ledger customers are receiving phishing mails, phone calls and threats. This is a ten step guide…


Crypto Recovery Service

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