Multibit Classic or Multibit HD wallets were very popular during the early days of bitcoin. The wallet was first introduced in 2011 and was one of the most popular Bitcoin GUI wallets.

Unfortunately the wallet is no longer supported and many have not been able to recover their bitcoin (or BCH and BTG forks) since the original wallet and website is gone ( ). Many Bitcoin holders from 2011 and forwards have contacted us with questions regarding how to get those back. …

June 11th. 2021.

A retired truck driver from US sends a long email explaining his long lost pin to a big Dogecoin stash. He purchased the coins back in 2015 for about 1500 USD. They were now worth over 3 million USD, a staggering 2000x value increase.

His long email explained how he managed to recover part of his stash years ago and sell it for ant money. Unfortunately or fortunately he set a spending pin on his Android wallet and did not recall it for the last 6 years.

His efforts involved various recovery services, all to no avail.

During the summer of 2014, Ethereum or ETH did a successful presale that would change the crypto currency market forever. An investment of 2000USD would skyrocket to 10 million USD as of beginning of 2021. 8893 lucky investors participated and were given tokens as per seen in the GENESIS block

While many who took part in the presale enjoyed amazing returns, there are still over 300 presale wallets stuck when examining the GENESIS block. They range from modest tens of ETH up to over 10000ETH wallets.

With V2 approaching, those “lost” pre-sale wallets now worth staggering 1+ Billion USD…

WOW such warrior!

You did get some DOGE ages ago, stashed them into a wallet and forgot password…

Then came 2021. Elon, Snoop, Kiss and literally everyone including Joe Biden shilled the DOGE.

Suddenly you have a small fortune in your 1 million DOGE wallet, what can you do to get it back?

First, DOGE is a fork of Bitcoin, which means it has inherited all characteristics from Bitcoin as it was forked in 2013 from the big Daddy coin. Small changes were made, like block time (1 minute instead of 10), maximum supply (what maximum supply?) and of course, the logo.


Welcome to mnemonic hell.

On December 19th 2020 Miguel Cuneta (@MiguelCuneta) / Twitter tweeted: Helping a friend recover his old blockchain wallet from 2013. Crossing my fingers for him because the $50 he won from our UFC betting is now $3000+

Miguel sent us 17 words, a wallet.aes.json and a bunch of hints, like his friends name, year and month he created the wallet and some variations of the password.

Immediately we started brute forcing the password using custom made algorithms and our custom built password cracking servers. …

A crypto currency Nightmare happened in the last few months of 2020. A hacker or a group of hackers managed to breach Ledgers customer database leaking personal information to almost 300.000 of their customers.

Ledger customers are receiving phishing mails, phone calls and threats. This is a ten step guide and best practices how to avoid loosing your funds. And this is not only from your Ledger hardware wallet, but also from any account that has been using with the very same mail or phone number with your Coinbase, Binance, or other exchange.

1. Check if your password has been leaked

Go to the site where…

A client from Norway, the country known to have been inhabited by Vikings, contacted us with a unique story.

He was holding Bitcoin in an open source bitcoin wallet from Schildbach that has been around since 2011. The story is fascinating but somehow sad, how the backward compatibility in crypto is broken.

We received the first email 3.39pm with the text

Hi. I bought XX bitcoin back in 2013 and used a wallet simply called “Bitcoin” that had a B-logo on a yellow background.The …

This guide will help you to understand the steps involved and give you tips and ideas on how to recover a blockchain password and recover bitcoin. Blockchain have over 50 million wallets created since its inception. support will not help you if you lost your password, what other options do you have?

If you forget your password but know what email created your wallet, you are able to request an email. They will send you all wallets ever created with that mail. The link for that service is:

If you are not able to remember the password there are…

A famous movie director once told me: “Shooting a movie is just 10% of the work, the other 90% is preparing”. That came into mind recently.

Wednesday 8.55 pm

Someone sends me a request to find the passphrase to his Bitcoin Core wallet password. I reply immediately I would be more than happy to help. There was no answer until the next day.

Thursday afternoon. 2.04 pm

I was at our summerhouse with my cat, making it back to the city after a short break when the reply dropped into my inbox. As always I replied with courtesy the needed…

Tokyo city.

I land at Narita Airport, my client said someone will meet me, but I don’t know where and how he looks like.

Exiting through the arrival terminal a gentleman in white gloves has a sign: KeychainX

I don’t ask questions, jump into the limo and off we go into Tokyo city… One hour into ride we arrive at the entrance to a super skyscraper close to Ikachimachi train station. I am left alone in the lobby and wait.

30 minutes later, three young Japanese men come and greet me with broken English.


Confused I ask if its…


Wallet Recovery Service

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