all is not lost…

3 min readOct 22, 2021 is a self custodian dogechain wallet that uses same parameters like used back in 2015. (although they are more responsive than )

It has the wallet ID, it has the 2FA security and it has your encrypted wallet and keys stored on a server in the cloud.

What if you have that wallet ID but forgot the password, can they help you reset it? no…

What if you setup a 2FA with your account, is there an easy way to reset it? no…

Well then if you want to brute force the password, can you click or request a wallet backup? no!

This is so WOW, NOT!

Its not much fun, but lets not stop there, over the course of the last month, we have been able to recover a number of wallets that both had their password lost and their 2fa unblocked.

Its a bit tricky, but it works, this is a shortlisted guide to get you there, and if not, have some fun reading about it.

First, you need to get the right weapons, pick them wisely and you can get there. To get the wallet backup, we will need to load up google chrome and activate the developer tools. Go into the network tab and have it open.

In the main chrome browser window, open up the webpage (look out for fake impersonators, your doge will be GONE!).

go to login wallet, type in your wallet ID, and then any password for the pass, just like 1–2–3 or whatever.


Enter the 2FA sent to your mail, its a 5 digit code

Now if it lets you through this, you will need a special script that we have to download the wallet data. Its been changed in the beginning of 2022 and seems to be developing.

Once we help you recover the wallet data you can chose to do it yourself or with our help.

You can brute force the data, which means if you have any or small idea of wallet pass, you can find it. If you need a hint, send word to

Ok, so you got the ID, you got the wallet, you brute forced the password. Much WOW!

next, you need to import the private key to a wallet of yours choice.

First, you need to decrypt the wallet, once that is done (use openssl, from a previous article) run it through doge core. (will take a few hours, but hell, its crypto!)

Once it imported OK (go to tools -> console > import priv key xxxx from the file you decrypted), easy, ey? if not, oh well, you know that mail of ours already.

if the funds show up, a dollar, 10k or a mill, you made it! Congratz!

Disclaimer! This article was written by KeychainX Wallet Recovery Services. To read more about our company please visit or send us an email to if you need to talk about password recovery.




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