Ledger Data Leak avoid losing funds

A crypto currency Nightmare happened in the last few months of 2020. A hacker or a group of hackers managed to breach Ledgers customer database leaking personal information to almost 300.000 of their customers.

Ledger customers are receiving phishing mails, phone calls and threats. This is a ten step guide and best practices how to avoid loosing your funds. And this is not only from your Ledger hardware wallet, but also from any account that has been using with the very same mail or phone number with your Coinbase, Binance, blockchain.com or other exchange.

1. Check if your password has been leaked

2. Change all of your sensitive passwords

3. Get a new phone number for 2FA

4. Restrict your phone number

5. Don’t click or open unknown mail, not even from Ledger

Never ever click on any mail claiming to be from Ledger or claiming to verify your 12/24 seed words. Nor Ledger nor anyone else has any rights or need to verify them. Even mail addresses could be forged to look like it was sent from support@ledger.com. They will most likely lead to your computer being infected with malware, key logger or ransom ware.

6. Don’t click on any links to external web pages

6. Never ever enter your seed on any webpage

7. Don’t pick up phone calls from an unknown numbers.

8. Add a secondary dummy account on your Ledger

9. Move funds out of your Ledger if you keep it at home.

10. Change all of your sensitive site data


Don’t collect what you can’t protect.

If you ever purchase a hardware device try to enter as little information as possible. Use a temporary mail address, temp phone number (might cost as little as 5USD, but save you stress) and use a drop box or mail box to receive the device. Don’t give away sensitive data to a third party that will store it for 10 years.

Disclaimer! This article was written by Robert Rhodin, the CEO of Wallet Recovery Service KEYCHAINX LLC, based in California USA. To read more about our company visit https://keychainx.io or send us an email to keychainx@protonmail.com if you need to talk about password recovery.

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