Wrong chain recovery — Best Guide

  1. The first thing you need to do is to check if you can see the funds on the destination chain. If you sent funds to BNB chain from Ethereum network you need to go to bscan.com and enter the same wallet address starting with 0x that you use to examine using etherscan.io. If the funds you are looking for are there, then you have located them.
  2. With your 12 or 24 word seed, you then need to recover the private key of that wallet address. You can do it in many ways, one is to install metamask, enter the seed, and keep adding wallets until your wallet shows up. Usually the first one, but if you used the address more than once, then your app might have used a different address using the derivation path generated from the seed
  3. The other way is to go to a site like iancoleman.io , make sure you are offline before entering your seed. After pasting the mnemonic, choose the right coin type, then choose the correct derivation path, and scroll down to the list of wallets generated from the seed. On your right hand side, you will see your private key. This string can be imported to Metamask.
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Crypto Recovery Service https://keychainx.io

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Crypto Recovery Service https://keychainx.io

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